Don’t Call it a Comeback

Hey guys! I know I have been M.I.A forever, but I really want to get back in to blogging. More specifically  fashion blogging anything else that I find interesting; music, movies, television, pop culture. Plus, I have seen alot of you guys post alot of funny Memes! To keep myself on track with my promise I will be posting a blog about summer looks for men. What I find sexy and not so sexy. Stay tuned!





I am a recent college graduate from University of Texas-San Antonio. I received my BA degree in Communications with a minor in Business Administration in May 2011. I enjoy keeping up with my favorite gossip blogs, reality television shows, and of course the social media.

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  • I need a haircut :-/ 😜 3 weeks ago
  • Truth is I was good without you and I'm even better after you. 3 weeks ago
  • I just hate when people disappointment me 🙄 3 weeks ago
  • "Never a failure always a lesson" 3 weeks ago
  • It honestly takes too much of my energy to treat you differently from my friends. Something I once considered you as. 3 weeks ago
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