Klout update and missed Perks

So, I have not been on here as much as I expected, but I am here now. I do not know if you’re a social media junkie or freebie junkie as much as I am, but I feel super passionate about Klouts unexpected update and their Perks tab.

If you don’t know what Klout is, in short it is a social media report card that keeps track the influence you have on others and people that influence you. Klout crawls through all your social media accounts (that is linked) looking for most shared or engaging posts, most topics shared and compares you to your friends on other Klout users. The awesome thing about Kout is that the higher you score the more “Perks” you are eligible to get. I will discuss Perks  later in this blog. The changes that Klout users are experiencing is a complete new and fresh layout with a graph on the top center of the page highlighting your 90 day low, one day change and 90 day high. Below you will find “Recent Activity” that calculates the responses you’ve accumulated over a certain tweet, post or image. Image The newer features are located on the left side of the page below your profile picture and Klout score; create, schedule and measure. Image Create allows you to create content, that is personalized and custom to you by the combination of your topics and influence and distribute them throughout your social media channels. Here you can edit your topics by adding or removing them. My topics are Rihanna, Social Media, Houston and Music. Which if you know me well describes me to the tee. The Schedule tab is a bit self-explanatory and can be useful. For instance, I saw an interesting series of articles that discussed Rihanna and Drakes “friendship” a few hours ago, now I only see articles about a band I have never heard of. If I wanted to share the Rihanna/Drake content later, scheduling it would have been valuable. Lastly, measure is an overall view of your Klout performance. Image Now, the absolute BEST feature and awesome marketing scheme-ever for social media geeks like me, Perks! As described earlier the higher your score the more Perks you qualify and often times better the Perks get. This allows business and brands that has a partnership with Klout, exclusively targets the most influential people on Klout to use and experience their product, while all the while bragging about the product to the Klout user’s fan base (or friends). I am not proud of my Klout score. I used to be a strong 60, but fell to 55. I also see one of the best Perks ever, two free tickets to see 300: RISE OF AN EMPIRE!!! The BEST action/fantasy/historic/epic movie ever! So good that I named my new cat Leonidas. Leo for short. Image Unfortunately the Perk has expired and I don’t think I had that strong of enough Klout score to redeem it. *side note* wouldn’t it be awesome to not only get updates on your score, but also COOL Perks such as this one?

Well now that you have either been introduced to Klout or the new updates, take Klout for a spin. See if you can reach 70+ and watch how envious all your friends in your social circle will get with the cool Perks you’ll get along the way. Those envious friends, might even include me. If you have any cool Perks or know of any similar products, shoot me a comment down below. I would LOVE to learn about them!

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(Also, for the existing Klout users, the scores and algorithm has not changed http://blog.klout.com/2014/02/7-things-newklout-faq/)


I am a recent college graduate from University of Texas-San Antonio. I received my BA degree in Communications with a minor in Business Administration in May 2011. I enjoy keeping up with my favorite gossip blogs, reality television shows, and of course the social media.

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