Facebook’s New News Feed Algorithm

You can hear almost every Social Media marketer in the U.S sigh in relief as Facebook sheds a little light behind their recent changes in people’s news feeds. No, not the physical changes, but the analytical changes.


Facebook’s New Algorithm and Their Humble Beginning

Facebook is adopting a similar algorithm as Google’s hummingbird. Social Media has expanded and multiplied throughout the years. Meaning more
people are creating accounts and even more people are sharing stories on those accounts. This appears to be a catch 22 or a double edge sword for most businesses as the more people that join these social media channels, the more they can market their brand. However, the more people that join also serves as a competitor for businesses who rely on organic marketing on Facebook. Facebook was originally a website where people could connect with other people by sharing photos and status updates. Video came much later. Then you had the businesses that wanted to tap into this new website that made it easier for them to connect to their audiences and potential consumers. Now that Facebook has an IPO, they’re making their shareholders happy by offering paid advertisements to businesses to gain a larger reach. Because businesses aren’t just competing with other businesses, but also their audiences’ friend’s baby pictures, wedding videos and etc…

What Does This Mean for Businesses and Marketers

The average Facebook user receives about 1500 stories a day! This added competition and decrease in reach has had numerous social media marketers in a panic as it is still hard to determine ROI in social media. TechCrunch recently wrote an article dishing Imagesome inside scoop on Facebook’s “Story Bumping”. The news feeds on many Facebook profiles are all determined on the user’s perceive interesting in the person or brand. For example, if you’re a huge soccer fan and you frequently check your favorite team’s Facebook page to get information on their next game, current score or new players added to their rooster. Facebook takes that into consideration and bumps whatever story that soccer Facebook page posts on the top of your feed, ahead of any other story your friends or other brands might have created. In addition to Story Bumping,

Apart from story bumping, Facebook will also start posting certain events in chronological order from when the last time the user logged in or off of their account. This will work for any real-time social media updates like in the previous example being the soccer team. Rather than showing the last score of the game, Facebook will reveal on material that hasn’t shown up in your feed, like the first quarter or half-time.

I think the solution to story bumping from a marketer’s perspective is to create content that keeps your audience on your page. It can be a weekly giveaway, word of the day, deal of the day or whatever. It needs to be consistent, compelling and visual. The consistency will help with the chronological order the content will be on your fans’ news feed.

Facebook will continue revealing more insight behind their algorithm so make sure you tune in!

If you have any questions or experiences with your reach being at an all time low or consistent, leave a comment down below.


I am a recent college graduate from University of Texas-San Antonio. I received my BA degree in Communications with a minor in Business Administration in May 2011. I enjoy keeping up with my favorite gossip blogs, reality television shows, and of course the social media.

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