This is officially my first blog on my new WordPress account. I am so excited for what the future has in store for us. A few months ago I finally signed up for LinkedIn and I have been enjoying that ever since. Facebook is much similar to LinkedIn, but LinkedIn offers a more professional criteria.This may also be said about WordPress and MySpace or Xanga.

My blogs will speak for me personally through my life, my goals, my dreams, my wishes, and my thoughts. I can guarantee you that there will be no overkill in discussions, topics, or feedback. I will treat all of my blogs as separate and as unique as they will come. My interests expands from my personal life to the life of my peers and society as a whole.

I would like to take this time to formerly introduce myself. My name is Brandon Devon McGrath. I was born May 24, 1989 in Houston, TX. I am the youngest of two siblings.I am mixed with Jamaican and Irish, one day I would love to retrace my ancestry and find out more about myself. I recently graduated college at the University of Texas at San Antonio in May 2011. There I perused a BA degree in Communications with a minor in Business Administration. My future goals in life are still unclear to me, but I know I love working with people and I have an astounding fascination with the social media.

This blog will serve as a test for me professionally and personally. I look forward in updating you on my life and the things going on around us. Most importantly I look forward from hearing from you. I hope you have a blessed day



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