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Blake Griffin Smacks Justin Bieber At Hollywood Starbucks

Justin Bieber simply can’t seem to keep himself out of trouble.  Police were dispatched this morning to respond to an altercation at a Starbucks in West Hollywood involving some familiar faces.  A barista at the coffee house was apparently confronted…

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Klout update and missed Perks

So, I have not been on here as much as I expected, but I am here now. I do not know if you’re a social media junkie or freebie junkie as much as I am, but I feel super passionate

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So one of the GREAT features of Twitter is having some of your favorite celebrities in your digital backyard. I am a Social Media Specialist at a digital marketing company and my duties include, well- Social Media. I was logged on to

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Don’t Call it a Comeback

Hey guys! I know I have been M.I.A forever, but I really want to get back in to blogging. More specifically  fashion blogging anything else that I find interesting; music, movies, television, pop culture. Plus, I have seen alot of

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I’m still alive :)

Hey WordPress World! I know it has been a minute since I have posted anything on my blog. These things are not as easy as I thought they were. It takes alot to be dedicated and always post something on

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Shopping Smart

How many times have you gone roaming through the sale or clearance rack at a store online or in person, only to find that that store no longer carries your size or color ? It happened to me, so many

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Who runs the charts ?

Sorry, Beyonce you may run the world, but Rihanna runs the charts. This should serve as no surprise to my readers that I am a HUGE Rihanna fan. I was logged on my Facebook account, you know doing the usual;

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