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Facebook’s New News Feed Algorithm

You can hear almost every Social Media marketer in the U.S sigh in relief as Facebook sheds a little light behind their recent changes in people’s news feeds. No, not the physical changes, but the analytical changes. Facebook’s New Algorithm

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Trending Topic: Online Dating

This blog will be a little different than my previous blogs, but albeit just as informative and entertaining (hopefully). If someone had told you that they had an online dating profile about the same time MySpace was popular, you would’ve probably

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How to Gain More “Real” Followers on Twitter

So if you haven’t noticed, my goal for my blog is to atleast create one compelling post that is centered around technology and social media. Compelling isn’t quite the word. Helpful would be more accurate. Twitter vs. Facebook  Twitter is

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Social Media Used As A Tool And Not Treated As A Chore

A fellow colleague shared an awesome BuzzFeed article of a consumer tweeting an image containing two competitor restaurant’s gift cards displayed on the same wall, posing the question “Applebee’s or Outback”. After that the bell sounded and both restaurants were

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Voice Calling feature to be added to WhatsApp

Voice Calling feature to be added to WhatsApp Hmmm.. An internet voice calling feature for WhatsApp. There is still more details that would have to surface in order for my predication to be true, but it does not look like

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Facebook Acquires Whatsapp for $19 Billion

Recent Media Buyouts These past few weeks has been full of mergers and buy-outs. It all started with Google buying Nest, then Comcast buying Time Warner and finally Facebook acquiring WhatsApp. I am sure there were more companies that played

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Klout update and missed Perks

So, I have not been on here as much as I expected, but I am here now. I do not know if you’re a social media junkie or freebie junkie as much as I am, but I feel super passionate

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